About Aquatrols

Aquatrols has pioneered the development of environmentally sound products for sustainable turf management for over 40 years. Our tried and tested products are used throughout the UK and Europe by discerning turf managers who appreciate the benefits of organic and balanced turf care.

Leading the Industry with Innovative Technologies

Aquatrols has a long history of innovation. It was the first company to promote liquid organics on turf — the early success of Aquatrols on the Open Championship golf courses is well documented. Aquatrols introduced Liquid Iron into the European market with Ferrosol; introduced the first successful Spray Pattern Indicator and were one of the first companies to promote the benefits of true liquid fertilisers. Aquatrols Porthcawl is one of the best known brands in the industry and our F25 Powered Sprayer is the market leader in its class.

This tradition of innovation continues with the development of our “Mix and Spray” technique which enables customers to develop customised Aquatrols solutions to suit specific turf management requirements.

Bringing You the Best in the Industry

Since 2007 the Aquatrols range has been further enhanced with the introduction of water management products from Aquatrols which include, among others, Revolution, Primer Select and Dispatch.



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